Page 1. GENERAL DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY. KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that I,. of. , County of. , State of. , do hereby make ...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing printable free power of attorney forms

Hi we're going to go over the free Alabama pop attorney forms and just so that you know AB attorney is a designation that you give to someone else to handle either financial health care your taxes or if you want someone to do something at the DMV for you so getting started there are five forms first one department of motor vehicles say you're out of town I you're just too busy to register the vehicle and wait at the wonderful DMV you can select somebody else to do it for you by just downloading this form just by clicking on the download here and I'll come right to your computer the most popular is this one called the durable and it's also the one that you have to be the most watchful over because it allows somebody else to take care of all financial types of decisions on your behalf and if you should fall under dementia or something like that and you want to family relative to pay your bills that's what's primarily used for it's a very good form to use and what you need to have done is complete it what the person that you want and have it notarized going further down general Powell attorney this is just like the durable except for the fact that if you become if you get dementia or have surgery and you're incapacitated the general does not remain valid it becomes void limited this is just to have someone handle a very specific thing on your behalf so for example if you have a car that needs to be picked up or you want someone to just cash a check for you it's very popular if you're someone to have just an attorney show up at a real estate closing and that's what this is for just like a one-time use power of attorney form medical power of attorney this is if you want someone else to handle all your health care decisions just in case you're headed into a risky surgery and you want someone to be making decisions on your behalf just in case you can't speak for yourself that's what that one's for and last but not least the tax attorney form otherwise known as the 2848 a now this is just for the state of Alabama that's also an IRS one that we also have on this website and this allows you to have an accountant or tax attorney be able to file taxes on your behalf but you want to be watchful because you will be responsible if there are any errors so you want to make sure you get a good accountant not just some schlub down the street so that's it those are the Alabama fairy power training forms